Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities


Paid Staff Opportunities:

There are no paid staff opportunities available at this time.

To apply for a posted paid staff position, please email your resumé and cover letter to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  stating the job title in the subject line.

Volunteer Opportunities:

- Special Needs Educator / Occupational Therapist who is able to identify educational challenges among pupils, set up intervention programs, and support staff to carry some of these functions in the class environment.

- A music teacher who is vibrant, can inspire naturally musical pupils in a class environment to rise above natural talent. Coaching of hand-chime group would be a decided advantage.

- Sport teacher / swimming coach who can assist with class assistance.

- Special needs teacher for the Primary School

- Chef and Culinary Professional

- Administrative Assistant

- Marketing Professionals

- Graphic Designer

- Qualified Doctor/Nurse

- Teachers

- Junior/Senior Sound Technician

- Electrical Engineer

To apply for a specific volunteer posting, please fill out the “Contact” form and enter the title of the specific volunteer opportunity you are applying for under section “POTENTIAL AREAS OF VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES”. Once you have submitted your application, you can expect to be contacted within two weeks regarding the processing of your application.

Please note that Bulembu also accepts GENERAL INDIVIDUAL volunteer applications.

For volunteer teams (8+) looking to find out more information about volunteer opportunities in Bulembu, please go to Contact and fill in our enquiry form with “Volunteer Team Inquiry” in the subject line. You can expect a response to your inquiry within two weeks.

 * Please note that these positions are not paid, and that volunteers are responsible for their own financial support.

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