Bulembu Christian Academy

Education is central to the vision for Bulembu and the growth and development of each Bulembu child. Our mission at Bulembu Christian Academy is to:

"Provide quality Christian education targeting the whole child,
equipping them to reach their full potential
and to become Godly leaders."

The priority given to education in the community is seen in the student to teacher ratio of 20:1 compared to the national average in Swaziland of nearly 60:1. Bulembu Christian Academy has a goal to equip the children of Bulembu to be critical thinkers, life-long learners and leaders of sound Christian character in Bulembu and across the nation.


Bulembu Pre-Primary School Campus









Bulembu Pre-Primary School’s aim is to provide quality and personalized education. There are currently 102 precious students, ranging from 2 to 6 years old, who eagerly participate in the daily programme set up by 11 dedicated teaching staff. Each age level follows a unique and well-planned programme that is based on a relevant curriculum and additional age-appropriate educational resources that are used to provide an enriched and well-rounded education. The younger classes' programmes are based on the Step-By-Step curriculum, combined with portions of Educare, while the older Pre-School (Gr.R) classes are guided by the International Primary Curriculum's (I.P.C.) "Early Years" modules, Jolly Phonics and other in-depth curricular material and teaching aids. The Pre-School classes also partake in a variety of extra-curricular activities such as Art, Sports, Music, Dance, Young Farmers and Computers.

Bulembu Primary School Campus

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Great learning and great fun is the primary focus at the Primary school. One of the main tools used to assist with this  is the International Primary Curriculum. It is a comprehensive curriculum with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for every subject, for personal learning and for international mindedness. Alongside IPC, there are numeracy and literacy hours, focusing on building a solid foundation in Math and English. Art, Music, IT, PE, Library and Religious Education lessons as well as extra-curricular activities in the form of clubs and sport, all support the vision of developing the whole learner. The team of 28 staff is committed to success for each child, offering the biggest gift of all - hope! And hope is what they want most for the (currently) 228 incredibly beautiful, talented and gifted Primary school children.

Bulembu High School Campus

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There are currently 70 students enrolled at Bulembu High School. Children come into the High School at Grade 7 and continue on to Form 1 through to Form 5. They follow the Cambridge International Curriculum complimented by a staff of qualified, highly-motivated teachers who are passionate about seeing each child succeed. The High School offers a variety of sport activities including soccer, volley ball, netball, aerobics and athletics. They also offer a wide range of clubs including culinary arts, music, art, drama & debate, young farmers, modern dance, African dance, photography, mechanics and more. They strive to bring out the best in each child, preparing them for their future on as many levels as possible.

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