Child Care Programme

Bulembu's Child Care Programme, Bulembu Christian Academy and Bulembu Clinic are all central to the Community Care infrastructure, which has been designed to reweave the social fabric that has been worn thin by the AIDS pandemic and rampant unemployment in Swaziland. Bulembu is able to cater for children from birth all the way through to adulthood.

Bulembu has an ambitious goal to support the ongoing care of hundreds of orphaned and vulnerable children. The commitment is to provide holistic care for each child in a home, rather than in a large institutional orphanage. Each child lives in a refurbished home with a caregiver and up to five other children. In this way, each child becomes a part of a caring family that will prepare them for a bright future filled with hope and to emerge as the leaders of tomorrow. These new families will be the thread that restores the social fabric of a nation on the verge of collapse due to the AIDS pandemic.

Bulembu's Child Sponsorship Programme is a way to support the Bulembu vision as the town works to rescue children, raise leaders and rebuild a community and a nation. Unlike other child sponsorship programs, Bulembu's Child Sponsorship Programme goes beyond simply supplying essentials like food, shelter and clothing. Child sponsorship ensures long-term, sustainable solutions by providing holistic care directly to children in need.

100% of all sponsorship funds go directly towards the child, providing coverage for all aspects of the child's life: monthly medical, food, caregiver, clothing and housing, and education. Bulembu's Child Sponsorship Programme gives Swazi kids the opportunity to thrive, to just be kids and to emerge as leaders in their homes, work, community and nation. We at Bulembu believe every child deserves the chance to have an education and fulfil their dreams.

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