Bulembu Honey was established in 2007. Bulembu Honey is the only producer and processor of honey in Swaziland and facilitates the training and education of bee keepers and their trade. By 2008 the number of hives had increased from the original 150 to 800 and the honey produced from these hives weighed in at just more than 7 tons.

Now, Bulembu Honey has 750 hives, with sites in Bulembu, Ngonini, and Peak Timbers. Bulembu Honey also supports local honey producers by purchasing their product at fair market values and collecting from their homesteads.

With the local honey production and bottling, Bulembu's Honey is sold to various stores in Swaziland. This year's harvest is budgeting on 15 tons of honey. 

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