In 2008 Bulembu Water obtained Emafini - a water cooler rental and bottling plant just outside of Mbabane (Swaziland's capital city). At the end of 2008 the Emafini brand was officially changed to Bulembu Water and the operation was moved from Emafini to Bulembu in early 2009.  During this time a borehole was sunk in town allowing Bulembu to bottle some of the purest natural spring water in the country.

Currently, Bulembu Water's employees supply about 200 water coolers to local customers. The upgrade of the water bottling facility in 2009 now enables employees to bottle and package 7000-12000 500 ml bottles per month which are distributed around Swaziland. 5 Litre Bulembu spring water is now part of the product range.

Future plans for Bulembu Water include expanding the cooler customer base, securing more major distribution contracts and expanding the product range to include sparkling and flavoured water. - copy


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