Team Building in a New Building

It may have taken a bit longer than they would have liked but the residents in Bulembu are finally starting to see the results of the newly built Hospitality and Training Conference center. The building, a year-and-a-half in the making, has already hosted a group of hospitality and training students who are now serving their internships at restaurants and hotels throughout Swaziland. And it just served 80 guests during its first conference.

The Swaziland Revenue Authority, SRA, brought 80 people to the HTC in Bulembu for some team building exercises. The conference was operated by Swazi Trails, a destination management and multi-discipline adventure company that offers team building, corporate events, white water rafting, adventure caving, quad trails, canopy tours, mountain biking, safaris, adventures for families and for businesses and so much more.

The participants took part in various activities designed to help build trust and productivity among co-workers. One such activity had them blindfolding each other and then having to navigate obstacle courses only by using directions given to them from their teammate. Another activity, which had a similar concept – minus the blindfold – involved being placed on quad-bikes and being asked to drive around the basketball court at Chinda (where the HTC building is located). No injuries were reported and the quad-bikes were returned without damage!

The SRA members were treated to lunch and dinner on Friday and breakfast and lunch on Saturday by the crew at the Bulembu Country Lodge staff, who worked very hard to accommodate all the guests needs. This was the first time the HTC venue was used in its fullest capacity.

It is expected that many more groups will be using the venue as more and more people are learning of its existence throughout Swaziland. The old, run-down building, which was too dilapidated to renovate, was used to teach children ballet. The HTC venue as it stands now was well worth the wait and is being advertised in newspapers around Swaziland.

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  1. Tracy Sedens
    August 15, 2011

    Wonderful news! Celebrating your progress, and looking forward to experiencing Bulembu’s friendly welcome and excellent hospitality again someday in the future. Wishing you continued growth and success.

  2. Stephanie Jansen
    August 16, 2011

    It is wonderful to read this report and to know that plans were implemented, students learned, and now can be productive members of their society. They must be so happy and so very pleased. The ongoing success stories of Bulembu give us confidence that “right will make might” in that community. Commitment to the projects and the people there continues. Thanks for this report – the pictures that accompany the report show the satisfaction the students/ workers feel with their success and continued efforts.

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