Bulembu’s bees better get busy because a sweet new deal is going to carry the honey they make all throughout Swaziland. It’s an exciting new partnership with Bulembu Honey and Logico, a Swaziland-based logistics and distribution company. Bulembu Honey is one component of the community enterprise strategy with the goal of providing sustainability to the community by 2020.

Bulembu Honey launched in 2007 with just 150 beehives. By 2008 the number of hives grew to around 800 and are now producing between 10 and 12 tons of honey per year. The scutellata bees, also known as Killer Bees, produce three harvests each year: June, September and November.

While honey production has actually decreased over the last year, the new partnership with Logico aims to market and distribute the product to a variety of sections of the marketplace. Bulembu Honey is already being shipped via Logico to Royal Swazi, the largest hotel in Swaziland and will soon be available in Shoprite stores. Depending on demand, Bulembu Honey will provide approximately eight tons of honey annually for Logico to distribute.

Based in Matsapha, 160 employees at Logico work to maintain 2500 pallet bays at their main distribution center, stock consolidation facilities in Boksburg, Gauteng and Durban, as well as a stock collection facility in Durban. More than 300 Logico wheels are on the road every day transporting products to their customers throughout the Kingdom.

Bulembu Honey currently has four staff members including the Beekeeper, two beekeeper helpers and one processor. In addition to expanding distribution of the honey, expanding hive sites into other locations such as the Swazi capital, Mbabane and the Piggs Peak area is a future goal.

Bulembu Honey transported nationwide… What could be sweeter?

By Theresia Whitfield