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The end of another school year has come for Bulembu Christian Academy, and the students recently had the chance to show off the many things they learned and all that they had accomplished through the year with year-end celebrations. The high school students had their celebration on November 9 with all 71 high school students participating in the event.

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The celebration was divided into two parts: First, students were able to showcase their club, sport or other activities from the year via interactive exhibits. Visitors to the exhibits were afforded the chance to buy baked goods from the Culinary Arts Club and enjoy a cup of coffee while browsing around. The second part of the celebration was an exciting performance of song, dance and drama.

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The high school has 18 clubs, and students must participate in two of the clubs, as their involvement is part of the school curriculum. The clubs are as diverse as the students’ interests and abilities and include drama, debate, music, aerobics, free style dance, African dance, fashion and design, photography, young farmers, media, culinary art, Mr. Fix It, carpentry, computers, sport, enterprise, mechanics, and art.

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Dennis Neville, Acting Principal for the high school and Director of Education over all campuses, beamed with delight as the evening was determined to be a tremendous success. “All of the money raised from sales from the club exhibits goes back into the school so we can continue to operate and grow in 2013.”

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Most of all, Neville and the 11 high school teachers felt the evening was as a celebration of what God has done and for the gifts and talents present in the children’s lives.

By: Theresia Whitfield


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  1. Monique van Haaren
    December 11, 2012

    So good to see and read how it goes in Bulembu. And it looks so good!!!!
    Keep growing!!!

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