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It’s probably been the dream of at least every child at least once in his or her life – to have their toys come to life. Movies such as “Toy Story” have been made about that dream, and the children of the Bulembu Christian Academy’s Pre-Primary School have put that dream on display through their year-end production of “Playtime for Toys.”

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The program, which was performed in the beginning of October at the old cinema, was an original story by Candice le Roux. Ninety-five learners from two to six years of age joined together on stage depicting the story of a brother and sister who were playing with their toys when the sister suggests how fun it would be if the toys could come to life and play with them. After their mother ushers them to bed, they dream of their toybox toys playing all around them. When the siblings awaken, they discover a ballerina dancing about in their room. So, was it really just a dream – or something more?

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The children were dressed in a variety of colorful outfits while the stage was decorated with little mice, ducks, pigs, ballerinas and clowns. Candice and her team of teachers taught the children their parts and the songs, which covered a wide range of music genres. The show consisted of short skits, poetry and dance.

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This school year officially ends on December 7 and the new academic year will begin again on January 25, 2013. Until then, the children of Bulembu’s Pre-Primary School can dream of having their own toys come to life and and all the fun they can have together!

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By: Theresia Whitfield