The young adults group from the Bulembu Community Church participated in an outreach in the nearby community of Malanda. During this event, the young people accompanied by their leaders and appointed assistants from the community visited designated homesteads of old widows who have no one caring for them. As the groups visited the homesteads they were able to pray with and encourage the people, and distribute blankets and care packages including maize meal, soap, candles, and matches. These precious widows from Malanda expressed gratitude and joy as they welcomed their young adult visitors. Most of these widows live alone and deal with illness and a lack of food. My heart was touched as the young adults stepped out of their comfort zones, looked at the need of their neighbors and decided to get involved in order to make a difference.


One of the grandmothers the team visited shared that she trusts God to provide for her and she could see His provision coming through the team. She even prayed for the team before they left her house.


The outreach was an incredible opportunity to be Christ’s hands and feet to neighbors who are in need. The main focus of visiting the people of Malanda was to bring them the hope and love of Jesus Christ. Giving material things such as food can indeed be a blessing, however, it is crucial that the recipients understand that God is the true Provider not man. The young adults told the people of Malanda that God loves them, cares for them and is faithful to provide for them.


After visiting the homesteads, the young adults and leaders gathered together to process their experiences from the outreach. Many of the young adults were spiritually impacted by the outreach. One young lady from Bulembu shared, “I have learned not to complain. Many people have less than I have and yet they are content.” Many of the young adults mentioned that they desire to do more to help the widows of Malanda. One young woman explained “I want to work to earn money so I can help support these women who are struggling.”Overall the young adults and group leaders were moved by God’s love and God’s call for each person to serve in His kingdom. The group was reminded that God says in His Word, “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40). The young adults are praying about how they can continue to serve their neighbors in Malanda.

Truly, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

By Kylee Masiya