The Tenors made their way back to Bulembu again – this is the fourth time that they have been here. You should have seen the excitement from the children when they heard the Tenors were coming! Just seeing a poster of the Tenors makes the children’s eyes light up. But it isn’t only the children that get so excited. Even the adults get excited, I’m serious! You should have seen the Aunties go wild as the Tenors sang at the baby home!

It’s amazing how the children here love music. I think that is why they easily connect with the Tenors. It’s great that they get to share their love of music with people that do music for a living, people that have met really famous and really important people, but still think of coming back to visit Bulembu. This for us has made us to believe music spreads love.

We had some of the children and adults interviewed so they got to share what they felt during the Tenor visit, and also what the Tenor’s visit to Bulembu meant to them. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Nonduduzo Mamba, one of the children in Bulembu said she really liked that Fraser now has a child, a baby girl. She says it is great to share in that part of the Tenors lives

Andile Mkhonta said the best part of the Tenors visit for her was when the Tenors came to the high school. She says that is because at school they had time to really chat with them.


Thembi Masuku said she was completely blown away by their singing and she said she felt honoured to have sung with them before.

We are truly honoured to have hosted the Tenors again, and we really hope to see them again. We wish them well in all their up coming events all over the world.