Have you ever wondered what happens when our young children at Bulembu graduate high school? We are used to seeing images of cute little ones at a childcare village such as ours but these children grow up to display all kinds of talents, abilities and interests and it is our job to help them discover their gifts and reach their full potential. We interviewed a young adult who graduated in November to find out what he is doing now.

BB: Hi, thank you for talking to us! Please tell us your name.

MM: Mancoba Magonga,

BB: How did it feel to graduate Bulembu High?

MM: I actually felt good because I could see that it was moving on with life so it was good to graduate after twelve years of school!

BB: Great, and what were some of the highlights from graduation?

MM: On the graduation day my highlights were arriving down (at Bulembu Community Church) when everyone was expecting us, and everyone was cheering for us when we arrived, and I also enjoyed having photos with all the people and everyone who has been helping me.

BB: What did you enjoy most at Bulembu Christian Academy?

MM: Well, I’m the kind of person who likes challenges so I enjoyed the challenge of exams and tests, especially my final exams. It was hard studying for them, but I was ready because I had prepared for them- it was a good challenge and I enjoyed it.

BB: What have you been doing since graduating?

MM: I’ve been working with Dan Smart at the IT Department, as an intern, to prepare for going to university for IT- I plan to go and study IT so it’s good experience.

BB: Can you describe a typical day for you now?

MM: A typical day is going to the office at 8 a.m. and people bring me their computer problems to solve. Actually I feel good about solving their problems because after I solve it I feel good- like I’ve done something great- so I enjoy every problem that is face every day!

BB: So what have your high points been so far as an intern?

MM: My high points have been taking up the challenges that the job is bringing me, especially when Dan was on leave because sometimes I had no idea how to fix something. But with no one to ask I had to work it out; maybe by googling, or if the answer wasn’t  there I had to figure it out by myself, but then it worked out!

BB: What are your plans for the next stage?

MM: I’m thinking that I will go study IT this year if I can get on a course, if not it will be OK because then I can carry on with my internship and go on a course next year.

BB: We wish you all the very best for the future!

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