We have been working hard over the last few years identifying ways to improve our water infrastructure. The reservoirs in Bulembu are one of the areas that need replacing, such as the one pictured below. It will replace the tank in the background. The foundation has been laid and the outer frame is being installed. We are grateful for our Mustard Seed donors for making this possible.

The tanks that are being replaced are very old. They have been operational since the mid-twentieth century, and are in desperate need of repair and replacement. With the new reservoir we will be able to be more efficient in supplying water to the children’s homes and the town.

More work is needed to be done to reach the level of stability we are aiming for. We have a goal to upgrade the reservoirs and replace the pipes that feed into them from the main water reservoir. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about the project and finding ways to become involved.