Photo above: Pastor Tim during COVID 19 treatment

A Request for Prayer


Since the beginning of December 2020, The Kingdom of Eswatini has experienced a huge surge in the number of confirmed COVID 19 cases and related deaths. As of 20th January, there were about 13,443 confirmed cases and 403 deaths, more than double compared to the month of December 2020. Nation-wide, there have been shortages of oxygen to treat COVID 19 patients, which means the death rate might further increase and the effect of COVID 19 on the nation’s economy and society will be much more devastating. Your prayer is much needed in this time of trials.

Total Active Cases – 19
Bulembu – 13
Hawane – 6

Total Recovered – 10
Bulembu – 5
Hawane – 5

Pastor Tim after winning the battle with COVID 19
Pastor Tim after winning the battle with COVID 19

A miracle healing

Last year, we have witnessed teenage pregnancies escalating and according to ESEPARC, Eswatini experienced 83,393 teenage pregnancies in the past seventeen years – on average, 5,100 teenage pregnancies annually. Gender-based violence and sexual violence increased by 85% and at least 1,000 people became victims of violence every month in 2020.

At the end of last year, more than 18,000 people have been permanently laid off, affecting 126,000 people living without incomes. People who lost their jobs especially during this COVID 19 pandemic no longer have money to buy the basic necessities of life as well as paying bills, which creates conflicts at home and perpetuates Gender-Based Violence. Financial problems are some of the factors that create conflicts within families and there is a connection between staying at home and Gender-Based Violence(GBV) according to the Swaziland Action Group Against Abuse (SWAAGA). With the new lockdown applied in January 2021, we could see the numbers escalating in the coming months.

It is a reality that we currently have 13 confirmed COVID 19 cases in Bulembu and 6 in Hawane children’s homes, as we continue the daily testing. Our schools and churches remain closed, therefore increasing the pressure in the homes, as children and caregivers are anxious and desperately desire to get back to school. Purchasing of supplies and resources is getting harder and more expensive due to the impact of border closures. Hospitals and health care services are running at full capacity and are under strain, which affects any other medical issues of the children that need attention.

Despite all the challenges, and with prayer support from friends all over the world, we praise God that Pastor Timothy Makhanya from Hawane Children’s home has won his battle with COVID 19 and now in the recovery process at home. Below is his personal thank you message.

Friends and family,
Chazile and I can’t thank you enough for the prayers and encouragement you have given us, since time of hospital and now at home recovering. God has delivered me out from the jaws of death. It’s by His grace that I’m still alive. I give God all the glory for giving a second chance. I believe there is a purpose for giving another chance.
Please observe WHO precautions and avoid crowded places.
Pr. Timothy Makhanya

Pastor Tim recovering