An Answered Prayer

By Kevin and Helen Ward

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we praise The Lord that ourprayers have been answered. We gladly report that all our staff that contracted COVID 19 as reported in the January newsletter have fully recovered. As of 23 February, we have no active cases of COVID 19 infection within the ministries.This miracle is only possible through prayer and support from friends all over the world. May the Name of the Lord be lifted high!

Total Confirmed Cases – 35
Bulembu – 29
Hawane – 6

Total Recoveries – 35
Bulembu – 29
Hawane – 5

According to the recent report from the Ministry of Health in Eswatini, as of 23 February 2021, total cases of Coronavirus stands at 16,839, of which 13,613 recovered and 647 total deaths. 

For the past seven days, the country recorded 999 people who have recovered from COVID 19. 

During February, we received emergency donations of PPE and sanitizers from different partners to help protect our children and staff from contracting the virus, and equip health workers inBulembu clinic to provide safe care to those with COVID 19.

Restrictions Continued

The Government of Eswatini continues to restrict gatherings of all sizes, no memorials are permitted, no retailer may operate after 6pm, and traveling from Eswatini to other countries is allowed only for medical, school, work and business reasons. This is to ensure that the COVID 19 infection rate continues to come down in days and months to come.

Schools all over the country remain closed as the government is preparing for a possible third wave of COVID 19. In his address, during the official opening of the 3rd Session of the 11th Parliament, His Majesty the King highlighted that keeping people at home had sadly meant closing schools and many of the learners were now lagging behind in their lessons, as only a few were attending classes.

Increase in Operational Costs

We have noticed an increase in our monthly operational costs during the COVID 19 pandemic.This is mainly due to the need to rent accommodation for quarantine facilities, transportation of staff to be tested in the Mbabane laboratory, increase in the number of staff working on a rotational basis as well as the provision of food, PPE, and sanitizers for isolation and protection for baby home and aunties. 

We thank you, dear friends, for your continued support for us during this time. We pray that the Lord will protect you and return to you manifold blessings. Thank you, for all that you have done for the children and communities in Eswatini.

“May the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge, reward you fully for what you have done.”
(Ruth 2:12)