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The COVID 19 pandemic has made us realise that there is a huge need for consistent, reliable support.  Our Child Sponsorship program only covers 30% of the children in our care and thus the need for a complementary support program.  Through this campaign we are aiming to raise enough consistent support to cover the core expenses for the children in our care.

During the pandemic, our businesses – the profits of which go towards funding the childcare program – were closed or significantly impacted, and now must fight to survive the re-opening.  There has also been a significant increase in costs.

To ensure our children remain safe and cared for, we need 10,000 people giving a small amount of only $5 per month.  Giving up just one special coffee or take out meal can help a child Thrive…  Your contribution can improve our ability to provide a child with a meal, or with items like diapers, school books or clothing.

This has been a tough year for us all, and the children in our care have seen more challenges than most of us.  You have the opportunity to be part of their future hopes and dreams.  Imagine the joy of knowing that all their basic needs are covered for the foreseeable future.

Experience the blessing of being a blessing!

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