Youth Orchestra

We were blessed with a special performance by the East Rand Youth Orchestra at the Bulembu Community Church in April. The children and the larger community were thrilled to have had the opportunity to experience a symphony orchestra. It was a special occasion and was thoroughly enjoyed by all!


Canadian Team

The Canadian Team have been hard at work with a number of work projects. Part of the team is busy building a prototype playground that will be setup here in Bulembu but potentially at other ICBC sites within Challenge Ministries Swaziland.


Tenors Back Again!

The Tenors made their way back to Bulembu again – this is the fourth time that they have been here. You should have seen the excitement from the children when they heard the Tenors were coming! Just seeing a poster of the Tenors makes the children’s eyes light up. But it isn’t only the children…


Look Who Just Mooooo-ved In!

Bulembu has some new citizens. To find them, just walk straight through the main part of town and turn toward Malanda, the nearest homestead. Chances are you’ll probably hear them and maybe even smell them, too. Bulembu’s newest citizens are 25 cows who are dwelling at the Bulembu Dairy and will be used to help…

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