Mustard Seed Team

We welcome back a couple from Sweden, Peter & Ann-Sofie Wessberg. They have come out to serve with the Mustard Seed Team from Sweden a number of times in the past. This year, they have come back to Bulembu on vacation and wanted to help out with a number of work projects during their stay.…

JulaBulembu Blog

A Gap Year in Bulembu

We welcome and highly value our volunteers in Bulembu, who come to give and serve but invariably get so much more out of the experience than they anticipate! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to serve at a child care village like ours or know someone who would like to? Read our…


“A Year of Your Life” in Bulembu

Imagine devoting a year of your life by learning about and serving God. Imagine spending a year completely focused on Bible study, worship and intercession, character development, and outreach and evangelism. Imagine this being your life from sun up until sun down. Could you do it? Could you give of yourself in such a way…


Bulembu in Germany

It’s hard to visit Bulembu and not walk away carrying a piece of it with you when you return home. The children, the people, the sights and sounds, the beauty of the community, and the joy that each person carries in the hope that comes with every new morning is ripe for the picking and…


Treasured Memories

It is often said that history repeats itself, and that we can learn from our past. There are some things in history worth repeating while others are better left in the annals of time. Swaziland is rich in antiquity, both happy and sad. To teach future generations, we must step back in time to a…