In 2010, Royal Rangers started in the town of Bulembu in Swaziland.

Our emphasis is on enriching the lives of the children in Swaziland and working to equip them to be the future leaders of this nation using the Royal Ranger program.

Since Royal Rangers started in 2010, the amount of Royal Rangers in Bulembu has grown to 200 participants.

We have had great testimonies of transformation and renewed purpose especially among the young leaders (15-19 year olds) who participate in Rangers. They now see, that they can also make a difference in the lives of other children and they have been enabled to sow into the next generation.

Akki and Alli El Kaakour are the National Directors for Royal Rangers Swaziland. They are a powerful young leadership couple who are using their gifts and skills in training and developing new curriculum materials contextualized for the specific cultural and circumstances needs of the vulnerable children of Swaziland.

Royal Rangers Grow at Home

In response to the global pandemic currently underway resulting from the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the resulting quarantines currently in place across the nation, the Royal Rangers national office has provided the following optional resources for families to use with their boys and girls to enable them to continue participating in Royal Rangers at home until regular weekly meetings can be resumed with the outpost.

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What is Royal Rangers?

Royal Rangers International exists to establish, strengthen, and serve the growing number of nations seeking to impact the next generation through the Royal Rangers ministry.

Royal Rangers is the premier, most sought after Christian activity-based mentoring program for kids and young people in the world.

The mission of Royal Rangers is to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christ-followers and lifelong servant leaders.

Over 200,000 Royal Rangers in more than 90 nations are inspired each week as they participate in our highly relational and fun meetings.

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