Royal Rangers Grow at Home

Welcome to the Royal Rangers Grow @ Home Program.

In response to the global pandemic currently underway resulting from the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the resulting quarantines currently in place across the nation, the Royal Rangers national office has provided the following optional resources for families to use with their boys and girls to enable them to continue participating in Royal Rangers at home until regular weekly meetings can be resumed with the outpost.

These materials will be provided weekly for a limited time to enable parents to conduct a form of weekly Royal Rangers meeting at home.  The content is adjusted, so that all age groups can participate at the same time.  Parents are free to utilize these materials as they see best, helping their boys and girls to complete Royal Rangers skill merits and help them to achieve their next badge if they so desire. Alternatively you can merely use these materials as a basis for fun activities together.

Our prayers are with you, parents, aunties and caregivers as we partner together in continuing the process of shaping your boys and girls into biblical, Christ like men and womanhood.