Swaziland is the smallest nation in the southern hemisphere, with a population of just over 1.2 million people. Economic poverty is prevalent and the rate of HIV/AIDS is among the highest in the world. Many of the children are orphaned or vulnerable. An orphan refers to a child that has lost one or both parents. The children often refer to their extended family as their parents. Meanwhile a vulnerable child is a child that comes from a poor background. The parents could be dead or alive but are poor and unable to provide adequately for the needs of the child.

Bulembu Ministries and Challenge Ministries work directly with Swaziland Social Welfare to welcome children into our care program. Our vision is to raise up the next generation of Swazi leaders. With your help we are providing a bright future full of hope for orphaned and vulnerable children who will be available to serve their nation in their God-given gifting.

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Our Child Sponsorship Programme

Bulembu’s Child Sponsorship Programme is a way to support the Bulembu vision as the town works to rescue children, raise leaders and rebuild a community and a nation. Unlike other child sponsorship programs, Bulembu’s Child Sponsorship Programme goes beyond simply supplying essentials like food, shelter and clothing. Child sponsorship ensures long-term, sustainable solutions by providing holistic care directly to children in need.

100% of all sponsorship funds go directly towards the child, providing coverage for all aspects of the child’s life: monthly medical, food, caregiver, clothing and housing, and education. Bulembu’s Child Sponsorship Programme gives Swazi kids the opportunity to thrive, to just be kids and to emerge as leaders in their homes, work, community and nation. We at Bulembu believe every child deserves the chance to have an education and fulfil their dreams.

Becoming a Sponsor

We are proud to share the stories of the children and the work in Bulembu and Hawane and hope you become part of the journey with us. Our goal is to update sponsors on progress on a quarterly basis and to update a sponsor’s child profile annually, on our Child Sponsorship website.

Updates that a sponsor receives include photos, information, videos.

Child Sponsorship letter
A sample of a letter from a sponsored young person
Child Sponsorship page example
Example of a Child Sponsorship page
Child Sponsorship info
You will also receive regular newsletters

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my financial support cover for my sponsored child?

Education, health care, clothing, home, food.

Can I give my sponsored child personal information? (home address, phone number, etc.)

No, your personal details will be kept in the office to maintain your confidentiality.

What information will I have access to in regards to the child’s details?

You will know their age, their name and what it means, details about their personality and hobbies.

Can I send things to him/her? (photos, clothes, sweets, etc.)

You can send things but we also encourage something that your gift can be used or shared with the other children in the house like a game or a book.

Am I allowed to visit my child?

You are welcome to visit but will not be introduced as their sponsor and
you will be able to spend time on their site to play and get to spend time with them and their caregiver.

Can I take my sponsored child “out” if I do visit?

You won’t be able to take them out of Bulembu.

How often will I get an update for my sponsored child?

You will get at least 4 updates a year, including a new photo.

What can I NOT say/ask if I write a letter to my child?

You may introduce yourself as a friend of Bulembu but you cannot say you are their sponsor, please don’t ask them personal questions about their past.

You can share within a letter information about your name, age, family and things you like to do etc.

Would my child know that I am sponsoring them?

No, the children know that Bulembu Ministries is helped in many ways for them to be able to live here, go to school and to achieve their hopes and dreams.

If I can’t commit to a monthly sponsorship, can I make a one time donation?

Yes, you can also do this through the website. Donate here »

Where would a one - time donation go? Allocated to what?

Your donation will go to the childcare department; we use donations to provide for events like the birthday celebrations, Christmas party, toys and equipment.