Make a life altering impact in the lives of your
employees while bringing hope to a village.

Engage in a partnership that will build a transformative culture which values relationships within your company and your business network.

Join the businesses who are passionate about partnering with Bulembu. The work being done in Bulembu is not only saving and transforming the lives of the children in Swaziland but also creating a unique opportunity for organizations to be part of something that is larger than themselves.

Join other businesses in supporting and encouraging the leadership of Bulembu. Your company and your employees can use your skills and resources to help the orphans of Bulembu. You can provide opportunities for employees to grow as professionals and individuals, as they work together to support the people of Swaziland.

Armor Electric is one example of a business who has partnered with Bulembu,

Company Benefits

Encourages long term commitment
Builds relationships
Motivates employees
Unique bonus opportunity
Inspires innovation and creativity
Provides networking opportunities
Expands scope and reach
Provides purpose for your customers
Enhances company reputation 

Benefits for Bulembu

Financial support
Education impact
Relational support
Business growth
Program development
Infrastructure development