End of Year Celebration – High School

The end of another school year has come for Bulembu Christian Academy, and the students recently had the chance to show off the many things they learned and all that they had accomplished through the year with year-end celebrations. The high school students had their celebration on November 9 with all 71 high school students…


New Year; New School Campus

It’s a good problem to have, if you think about it: Too many students and not enough room. That means there are a lot more kids in Bulembu who are getting an education. But that can also make for an uncomfortable learning environment for both teacher and student. To accommodate for this growth, Bulembu Christian…


Team Building in a New Building

It may have taken a bit longer than they would have liked but the residents in Bulembu are finally starting to see the results of the newly built Hospitality and Training Conference center. The building, a year-and-a-half in the making, has already hosted a group of hospitality and training students who are now serving their…