#BulembuTPChallenge Rules

You have 1 minute to catch the roll of toilet paper!

  • Throw the toilet roll in the air (at least 3 ft/1 m)
  • Use a stick, pencil, or wooden spoon handle to catch the roll of toilet paper.
  • Whether you catch it or not, post your video and challenge 5 friends.

Our Sponsors will donate $1 for every video uploaded with a successful catch and 5 people tagged*.

If you fail to catch the toilet roll, we challenge you to donate to the Bulembu COVID-19 Relief Fund.

We hope that you have fun with this challenge. It has certainly been the source of much laughter in Bulembu over the last few days, and in times like this, a little bit of joy goes a long way.

Most importantly, stay home and stay safe!

Spread the word:

Target: 135 Caregivers
3% Funded
4 Caregivers Raised

Donations to the Toilet Paper Challenge are now closed. Thank you everyone for your amazing contributions!

To make a donation to Bulembu, please Donate here.

A Huge Thank You to our #BulembuTPChallenge Sponsors

Rainbow International of Cartersville

*for the first 1,000 successful video uploads worldwide

Friend of Bulembu

*for the first 1,000 successful video uploads in Canada

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