There are some trips or vacations that leave a smile on your face. And then there are those that leave a smile on your mind, body and soul. It is the kind of trip where you’re inspired to make a difference; to go beyond vacation mode and engage in a vibrant community. Is it the destination? The people? Or the opportunity to step into transformation in action?

Perhaps it is all of the above.

Bulembu is the destination, and the people of this tiny town have a way of climbing deep into your heart. The history of Bulembu, the serenity of the mountains that hug Bulembu protectively and the children who finally have hope – These are just a few ways you will be inspired to actively engage and make a difference.

Come and experience our unique town and witness transformation in action. Whether by visiting, partnering with us in spreading Bulembu’s vision or even working for us, you will not leave Bulembu untouched, but rather changed forever.

NOTE: We are a not-for-profit organization. All income and involvement will directly benefit our Childcare Program.