Individual Volunteers coming to Serve

We value all of our volunteers greatly. There are many fulfilling and exciting ways to get involved and serve in this beautiful town.

Individual volunteer involvement very much depends on the skills/experience of a volunteer, as well as how long they’re here for.  Currently short-term opportunities are limited, due to high school graduates from our Childcare Programme slotting into positions for job shadowing and internships.  This means that we are currently unable to accommodate general/unskilled volunteer applications.

That said, if you have any specialised skills or experience not listed below, do let us know.  We may have specific opportunities for certain skill sets from time to time.  The best way to determine whether we’d be able to accommodate you is to let us know how long you plan to volunteer for, and what specific skills and experience you have.


  • All volunteer opportunities are unpaid
  • Volunteers are entirely responsible for their own financial support.
  • The primary goal when you consider a volunteer opportunity is to work. While we want you to see as much of the country as possible, remember that you will be expected to adhere to the same work hours and workplace policies regarding leave and sick days that employees of the organisation are subject to.

We welcome your application for a specific volunteer opportunity. Please email and enter the specific volunteer opportunity in the subject line. You can expect to be contacted with details on whether the volunteer opportunity is still available, and details regarding the application process. Thank you.

Current volunteer opportunities available

Department Skill Details Duration
Primary School / Elementary Occupational Therapist mid to long term (3+ months, ideally a year or longer)
Pre-Primary / Kindergarten Special Needs Teacher Ideally a year or longer
Primary School / Elementary Special Needs Teacher Ideally a year or longer