Our Vision and Mission

“We are a non-profit organisation serving Jesus Christ through community enterprise and community care”

Our vision is to raise leaders while restoring a town for sustainable Kingdom transformation

We do this by restoring hope, equipping lives, building family through Christ-centered community care and community enterprise

Our Cause

Eswatini (Swaziland), a small, beautiful kingdom between South Africa and Mozambique, is in dire need. It has the one of the highest AIDS rates in the world and the disease has taken an entire generation of Swazis. In the 90’s the population was decreasing so rapidly that the UN estimated the Swazi people would be wiped out by the year 2050. Although hard work has improved the statistics, the country has suffered persistent drought, adding to the problems. There are more than 300 000 orphans and vulnerable children in desperate need of care.

An orphan is a child who has lost one or both parents. Vulnerable children may have family but they are so poor that they are unable to provide for the basic needs of the child.

Our Impact

In 2006, a team of social developers and entrepreneurs purchased the abandoned mining town of Bulembu with a vision to restore it to a fully sustainable town, which provides care to over 350 orphaned and vulnerable children. Today, our variety of successful Community Enterprises such as the Bulembu Country Lodge, Bulembu Honey and Bulembu Water provide for the sustainability fund for our Community Care. Our children live in family homes with a caregiver, where they receive all they need, and we provide all children with a full education at Bulembu Christian Academy. The town has a thriving church and a clinic where all children receive health care. And so our vision is realised – raising up the next generation to be the future leaders of Eswatini. 

The Wider Family

CMS Logo

Bulembu Ministries is part of the Challenge Ministries Swaziland (CMS) family of ministries. We have a common vision to raise generations of Swazi leaders who will contribute to transforming their nation. The ministries are separate not-for-profit entities governed by Boards of Directors operating jointly and in unity. Challenge Ministries serves Bulembu and our Hawane homes by providing management of the Child Sponsorship Program as well as administrative services and operational oversight.

Potter’s Wheel Church is an active body of believers, providing the spiritual covering for Challenge Ministries, providing training, resources, leadership and care throughout CMS projects.

International Offices

We have partners internationally who promote and support Bulembu in their areas.

Our Values


Christ-Centered: our focus is on the person, work, and message of Jesus Christ.

Bible-Based: as the absolute and final authority.

Spirit-Led: desiring for the Holy Spirit to lead us into being mature Sons of God.


Servant-leaders: acknowledging that God works through anointed leaders and their delegated authorities.

Integrity: Living with humility and honour.

Influence: we are obeying the call to make a difference.


Discipleship: believing that this is the process of transformation God has called us to.

Devoted to marriage, family and relationship: believing that God is relational.

Respect: showing respect to all people, believing that all are significant and unique, made in the image of God.

Directors & Apostolic Oversight


Co-Founder, Executive Director (Eswatini)


Director, Partners in Action (USA)


Director (Eswatini)


Director (Canada)


Director (Canada)


Director (UK)


Director (Eswatini)