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Quantity Item Details Cost
Ceiling Needed
110000 ZAR
200 Chairs Needed
20000 ZAR
Furniture Needed

(Pastor’s office, Prayer room, Stage)

50000 ZAR
Sound Equipment

(Various Items Needed)

Youth Camp (once a year)
26000 ZAR
Youth Centre

Youth Center

Phase I  (cost to be determined)
Phase II (cost to be determined)



PA Sound System – E15,000

2x Monitor Speakers – E7,000

Channel Powered Mixer – E7,500

Sound cable – E5,000

CD-player – E1,000

Microphones & Microphone stand – E10,000

1x Headphones – E400



Acoustic Guitar with electric pick up – E4,000

Electronic keyboard – E4,000

Electric Guitar – E3,500

Drum Set – E3,500



8x spotlights (with DMX connection) – E8,000

4x Moving Heads – E16,000

DMX Light Mixer – E5,000

10x Bean Bag Sitting Sacks     (each E500)  – E5,000

5x Storage Boxes  (each E300)  – E1,500

1x Projector – E5,000

Flipchart – E750

1x Desktop PC / external soundcard / TFT Screen  – E5,000

1x Double Sofa – E7,000

1x Small Coffee Table – E750

1x Pin board – E500

Sport Equipment   (Soccer balls, Outdoor Games, Waterslides)

Indoor Games    (Cards, Board games, Chess)

Youth Café

Youth Café

20x Coffee Shoo Chairs  (E300 per chair)  – E6,000

5x Round Coffee Tables   (E700 per table)  – E3,500

2x Double Sofas (E7,000 per Sofa)  – E14,000

1x Prejector – E4,500 

1x CD Player  – E750

1x DVD Player – E1,500

8x  Satelite Speakers  (E750 per Speaker)  – E6,000

1x Amp (2 zones) – E3,000

1x 4 Channel Soundmixer – E2,000

1x Desktop PC / with TFT Screen – E3,000

Microwave – E1,500

Stove – E10,000

Fridge / Freezer Combi – E9,000

Bar Fridge – E6,000

Urn – E3,000

Espresso / Coffee Machine – E20,000

Bakeware – E7,000

Cookware – E5,000

50x Dinner Plates  (E50 per plates)  E2,500

50x Coffee & Tea Cups (E30 per cup)  E1,500

50x Glasses (E15 per glass) – E750

100x Plastic Cups (E6 per Cup) – E600

100x Plastic Plates (E8 per Plate) – E800