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Building Renovations

Renovation Royal Rangers Building (Kitchen and Bathroom)

With the ever growing Royal Rangers program, our vision is it to create a place where we can host afternoon, weekend, and holiday activities for the children in Bulembu.

Also, we are trusting that Royal Rangers from overseas will be able to come for their three Star Rides (short time missionary work) to help with the program. This is especially a big in Germany and is tied into their curriculum. We are hoping to build up deeper relationships to Outposts overseas.

Therefore a renovation would be a great benefit for the Royal Rangers in Bulembu.

Our plan is it to renovate the bathrooms (build two showers and fix the toilets), as well as create a kitchen. Bathrooms of course are necessary in any case.

Having a kitchen will open opportunities for cooking/baking classes and in the holidays we could offer Christmas baking, etc. for the community.

See Renovation_Royal_Rangers_Building.pdf

Camp needs

Urgent Needs (for future camp)

(x25) 70 – 85 Litre Backpacks – E2,000 each

(x60) Royal Rangers ties – E50 each

(x40) Royal Ranger Uniforms – E150 each

(x20) Headlamps – E450 each

(x25) Sleeping bags – E400 each

(x25) ISO mattresses – E250 each

(x4) GPS Units – E2,500 each (2 have been donated!)

(x10) Lanters – E450 each

(x20) Magnesium Firestarter – E150 each

(x10) Knives Fixed Blades – E600 each

(x10) Folding Knives – E200 each

(x3) First Aid Boxes – E800 each

(x4) 2 Way Radios – E1,300 each

(x40) Royal Rangers Uniforms – E150 each

(x1) Mega Phone – E700

(x5) Compasses – E600 each

(x20) Plastic Storage Box – E250 each

 (x10) Steel Storage Box – E500 each

(x 5) Team Tents – E7,000 each

(x 20) Cooking Pots E350 each

(x 10) Black Pots – E300 each

Hand Tools (Saw, Spades, Axes) – E5,000

Standing Grinder – E1,000

Bicycle Repair Tools – E3,000

Baking & Cooking Utensils – E3,000

Printer – E5,000

Laminiating Machine – E1,500

Binding Machine – E2,000

Embroidery Machine – E100,000

Trailer – E20,000

4 x 4 Bakkie (Pick-up) – E300,000

New Kitchen on Campsite – E20,000

Container for the Campsite – E30,000  (donated)

Roof for Kitchen on Campsite – E20,000

Campsite Development – E40,000

Royal Ranger Building

Royal Ranger Building

new: (x1) Gate – E600 

Kichen (cupboards) – E3,000

Plumbing kitchen – E6,000

Fridge – E1,000

Plumbing Bathrooms – E15,000

Electric Rewiring – E200,000

Sponsor a future camp

If you would like to sponsor future camps:

Discovery Camp (60 kids) every year (ZAR 250 / child)       E15,000

Expedition Camp (70 kids)   every year   (ZAR 250 / child)         E17,500

Adventure Camp (80 kids)   every year   (E 250 / child)         E20,000

Training Camp (+/- 30 people)   every year     (E 300/ child)       E9,000